sábado, 9 de outubro de 2010

Liberdade, we did it all for love.

Liberdade, nothing's gonna change my love for you.


Como uns defendem a monarquia e outros a república, apresento-te a minha nova proposta: a Reispública. Vamos a votos de sangue?

It is happening again

We gather matters of the heart
So we can act a fool
It's incomplete without you
The silver soul is running through
It's a vision, complete illusion, yeahhh

The needle on the spinning wheel
Collecting silver coil
It gathers heat without you,
Whether or not you're turned from it
It's a quick turn
To let us in, yeahhh

It is happening again
It is happening again
It is happening again
It is happening again

The bodies lying in the sand,
They're moving in the dark
It is so quick to let us in
Feel it moving through our skin
It's a sickness, infinite quickness yeahhh

It is happening again...

domingo, 26 de setembro de 2010

Gramar Portugal

A História de Portugal teria sido toda diferente se a ópera de Alfredo Keil se tivesse chamado "Dou na branca".

quarta-feira, 21 de julho de 2010

E diz:

Isto é bom é à hora de almoço.


"This book contains hundreds of quotations that go unacknowledge in the body of the text. I'm trying to regain a freedom that writeres from Montaigne to Burroughs took for granted and that we have lost. Your uncertainty about whose words you've just read is not a bug but a features."
Reality Hunger
de David Shields
ed. Hamish Hamilton

terça-feira, 20 de julho de 2010


De Corar







A long time ago

I love the lie and lie the love
A-Hangin' on, with push and shove
Possession is the motivation
that is hangin' up the God-damn nation
Looks like we always end up in a rut (everybody now!)
Tryin' to make it real — compared to what? C'mon baby!

Slaughterhouse is killin' hogs
Twisted children killin' frogs
Poor dumb rednecks rollin' logs
Tired old lady kissin' dogs
I hate the human love of that stinking mutt (I can't use it!)
Try to make it real — compared to what?

The President, he's got his war
Folks don't know just what it's for
Nobody gives us rhyme or reason
Have one doubt, they call it treason
We're chicken-feathers, all without one nut. God damn it!
Tryin' to make it real — compared to what?

Church on Sunday, sleep and nod
Tryin' to duck the wrath of God
Preacher's fillin' us with fright
They all tryin' to teach us what they think is right
They really got to be some kind of nut (I can't use it!)
Tryin' to make it real — compared to what?

Where's that bee and where's that honey?
Where's my God and where's my money?
Unreal values, crass distortion
Unwed mothers need abortion
Kind of brings to mind ol' young King Tut (He did it now)
Tried to make it real — compared to what?!


Mockumentary (also known as a mock documentary) is a genre of film and television in which fictitious events are presented in documentary format; the term can also refer to an individual work within the genre. These productions are often used to analyze or comment on current events and issues by using a fictitious setting.
(via wikidepia)

terça-feira, 6 de julho de 2010


Uma vez um amigo elucidou-nos da seguinte evidência: É esta a nossa condição.
A partir daquele dia a Obra ficou completa.
Fomos de Platão a Platoon.
Fomos de Aristóteles a Aristogatos.
Deixámos de ter vergonha de chorar e de sorrir e de cozinhar mal e de pedir aos pais para carregar o telemóvel e de fazer vídeos caseiros para o youtube e de misturar o infortúnio da Torre Bela com o fim do Real bigode.
Disseram-nos: Isso é um mito.
Respondemos: Eu não mito!
Somos nós que nos expomos à República e não o inverso.
E nós, adolescentes, somos pela Res Publica e pela Res Privata como somos pelo rés-do-chão da realidade.
Porque amor com amor se apaga.